The structures of materials are important. My works are about shapes, usually geometric shapes, but sometimes also irregular, more organic shapes. I like to work with opposites like open versus closed, rough versus smooth, internal versus external. Geometric abstract art, but intuitive, not calculated.

Title: Arq_07

Material: Cement

Dimensions: xcm?xcm?xcm

Weight: ?Kg

Handmade sculpture in cement. A geometric take, reminiscent of a house through abstract shapes.

A powerful sculpture with my signature style.

My work is inextricably linked to the countless influences that marked his life. From the urban subcultural worlds of drawings, graphic design, painting, skateboarding, futuristic arts, etc.

This piece is still being created, for now I only present the construction of the mold in foam, in this case I use a harder foam, which is being a new experience that I am enjoying a lot.

Expect that soon I will add more images of the construction of the piece.