Modern SCULPTURES Edition

Handcrafted edition of unique sculptures in cement.

My editions stand at the crossroads between design, art and architecture.

Each exclusive piece boasting elegant and refined aesthetics intimately touches on and interacts with these three closely related worlds.

This space/website will serve, in addition to showing my work, but also the entire creation process up to the final artwork of each piece.

All the pieces are separated by numbers, and the image gallery will grow regularly, from piece to piece.

So it’s worth keeping an eye out, because i don’t have a certain forecast for updates.

My modern sculptures offers handcrafted editions of unique pieces. First launched in August 2023, these editions form an evolving and eye-catching collection of contemporary sculptural artworks.

Available limited editions, these timeless and desirable objects can match or complement interior projects.

I believe that my pieces will especially appeal to interior design or architecture professionals, as well as art and design lovers in general.

My studio has no employees.

It’s just me.

Handcrafted cement sculpture.

A geometric take on, resembling buldings through abstract shapes. Powerful sculptures with my signature styling.

My work is inextricably tied to the myriad influences that have shaped his life.

From the urban subcultural worlds of futuristic drawings, to working with concrete and brutal nature.

This works typically makes reference to architecture in a general sense, be it buildings, houses, industrial objects, landscape plans or industrial patterns.

It also explores a personal fascination with lines and holes, plus carved-out surface volumes that can be full, empty, or include fault lines.

I describe this repertoire of forms as being the result of memorys of places, signs, fragments and impressions. I emphasise that my pieces seek to invest a sense of movement and rhythm in immobile materials, while questioning the relationship the work has with the interior space it contains. The editions produced by modern shapes faithfully capture these goals and the works’ solid plastic presence.

Jump to the visualization of the pieces, and if you have any doubts, you can always contact me and I will be very brief to answer.


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